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Old 09-22-2009, 07:22 AM
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Default VE Cams comparison

Hi there,

I'm searching now for a best cam possible for my VE 20V. Stock ones 20V cams look not a bad ones because the low lobes much higher than OEM 20VE and N1, also N1 high lobes no much higher than 20V ones. I remember people talks that Franklin have 20V low / N1 high lobes cams, but I see no dyno proven performance gain.

Ok, first, anybody have their dyno before/after the cams please post the results in this thread, I think it will be helpful for all VE owners.

Second, if we have no much dyno proven results, I have a proposition here.
All VE owners interested in dyno proven VE cams, will make a $30-50 donation to JGY. From these money JGY order a different VE cams from world-known producers, such as OEM, JWT, BC, Franklin, Kelford etc. JGY takes care to dyno all these cams on a stock engine first (maybe with some bolt-ons second), and post results to the community (or only to those people who makes a donation). Anyone's thoughts about this?

Nissan 100NX GTi Coupe / Targa 1992, SR20VE 20V - N1 Cams, 3'' exhaust, SR16 VLSD trans, KONI, Eibach Pro-Kit, ES bushings, Custom body kit...

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Rear shocks modified to 290 psi pressure inside!
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